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“Why not then, try to discover a few of the Wonders of the Shore? For wonders there are around you at every step……..and yet to be seen at no greater expense than a very little time and trouble”.

CHARLES KINGSLEY: Glaucus or The Wonders of the Shore, 1887

Oakley Intertidal,
based in South West Wales, was launched by Judith Oakley in April 2008. Alongside her photographic website, Oakley Natural Images.com, Intertidal concentrates on marine education and outreach, coastal interpretation projects, consultancy and surveys.

Judith Oakley MSc, BSc (Hons
) is an experienced and enthusiastic freelance marine biologist with a varied background and wealth of knowledge in natural history. Her particular lifelong passion is rocky shore ecology, especially rockpool life but she has a growing interest in life on sandy shores. Non-native marine species and sea slugs are other favourite research topics.

Judith has had many marine-based articles published and has had a long collaboration with the Marine Biological Association and the Marine Life Information Network (

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